Sauces and tomato paste La Pasta

Sauces and tomato paste

Tomato paste and sauce is a food obtained on the basis of pureed tomatoes. Tomato paste and sauce are a rich source of organic acids, sugars and vitamins as tomatoes, which is their base can not only maintain, but to multiply its beneficial properties during heat treatment. Pasta and sauce made from organic tomatoes, full of our body needs essential oils and organic acids. They contain vitamins a, E and C. Rich in minerals such as zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. The high content of b vitamins visibly rejuvenates the skin. Products are tomato-based improve the heart and kidney, strengthen immunity, strengthen bone and reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol in the blood and remove toxins.
Tomato sauces and tomato pasta “La PASTA” – only natural ingredients without fragrances and dyes.