Sugar and Salt Khutorok


The history of sugar dates back centuries. One started to extract it from sugar cane even before our era in India. The sweet
delicacy was firstly used as a medicine, but only later – as a food product, and then it was available only to members of royal
families and representatives of the highest nobility. In the XIX century, sugar had already become a widespread and inexpensive
product, as evidenced by the cookbooks of that time. By the way, the sweet delicacy is a best source of energy for the human body,
stimulating strength, mind, memory and endurance. Also, sugar is a rich source of carbohydrates, which are indispensable in the
daily diet of a person. Carbohydrates are the main energy suppliers for the human body. In the assortment of TM “Khutorok”, there
is available packaged sand sugar and pressed sugar in cubes. Cube sugar differs from sand sugar by greater purity. The content
of impurities in it is no more than 0,1%. Cubes do not crumble, but upon that they quickly dissolve. The undoubted advantage of
cube sugar is its portioning. This sugar is irreplaceable in the office, when every minute is expensive, and there is very little time
for a cup of tea or coffee. One can not be without this product while traveling or relaxing in nature. Therefore, pressed sugar in the
packaging is more practical and refined than sand sugar.


Sea salt is a product that retained the full force of the sea thanks to the natural way of getting it. It is formed by evaporation of sea
water under the influence of the sun and wind. Refined table salt is 99,9% sodium chloride. Unlike common salt, sea salt contains
more than 80 minor elements in bio-available form, necessary for health. The intake of sea salt with food contributes to the healing
of many diseases. Thus, the benefit of sea salt is proven for drop in blood pressure, which is achieved by the balanced sodium. In
addition, salt from the sea is effective as prevention of many heart diseases and helps to level cholesterol down. Edible sea salt
has a pleasant and original taste. Gourmets state that it brings the “scent of the sea” to food.
Aromatic salt does not contain chemical food additives; there are only natural ingredients: salt, spices and herbs.
The composition of each position was worked out by specialists of the Company on the basis of consumers’ preferences and
home tasting sessions. The ideal compositions for cooking any dishes are selected.