The company’s products are “Rodnoy product” is widely represented on the territory of Ukraine in all sales channels – national, regional, local VIP, retail, markets, wholesale.

The implementation of the company’s products is carried out through its own network of 41 branches and distribution companies. Coverage of retail stores in Ukraine is more than 30 thousand points of sales.

The company’s products are “Rodnoy product” is represented in all of the national networks of Ukraine (ATB, AUCHAN, Metro, Brusnichka, Varus, NOVUS, Furshet, EKO, etc.).

Shipments of national operators of the market are made directly from the production sites of the Dnipro and Kiev. Through the distribution network regional and local network operators are covering ( more than 100 key counterparties).

The range of products are its own brands – “the Khutorok”, “Khutorok Pansky”, “Zolotiy Vrozhai”, “La Pasta”, “Pasta Letta”, “Kitto”.

These brands has the status of national brands, which are represented on the territory of Ukraine and occupy leading positions in the minds of consumers through active marketing of the company’s position in the market.

The basic requirements for distributors of our products:

financially strong company with an active sales;

companies with a significant client base;

companies that work with the full range of our products;

partners freely and honestly feed information about this product.

For cooperation please contact our managers