Wheat Flour Khutorok

Wheat Flour

Flour is the main raw material for making bakery products and confectioneries. The high-grade wheat flour of TM “Khutorok” has
good baking properties; its products have a good volume and fine developed texture. It is white, soft, pleasant in sight and touch
and produced from grain, which has been treated with special conditioning for preserving nutrients, vitamins and minor elements.
The quality of flour is determined by a number of indicators: color, odor, moisture, whiteness, presence of impurities and grain
milling. The most important indicator that affects the quality of the finished product from flour is the quantity and quality of gluten.
Gluten is a notion that unites a group of storage proteins found in wheat seeds. The content of gluten in flour is a factor determining
such characteristics of dough as elasticity and rigidity while mixing with water, and serves as one of the criteria to determine the
quality of flour.
If the amount of gluten in flour is less than 24.0%, then the rise and volume of dough will be minimal. In the baking industry “the
ratio N/D – Height / Dimension” determines the yield of bread. Therefore, it follows that the higher the amount of gluten, the greater
the yield of bread. The quality of gluten is measured by GDM device – Gluten Deformation Measurement. Gluten is divided into
3 groups.
• 1 group – 45-75 – good and elastic;
• 2 group – 80 – 100 – satisfactorily weak;
• 3 group – 105 – 120 – unsatisfactorily weak.
In TM “Khutorok” flour, the minimal amount of gluten is 26%, i.e. GDM is of 1 group, which guarantees the quality of the product.