Pasta Letta Pasta

“Pasta Letta” Pasta

“Pasta Letta” – a new brand of pasta to the “Italian character”.
In the market of Ukraine from April 2016. The brand name is easy to read! Catchy In the minds of Ukrainian consumers, it undoubtedly evokes positive associations with summer, warmth and carefree stay “sun pasta”.
Country of origin new pasta “Pasta Letta” – Italy. This is a useful, high-quality product from “durum” wheat.
Recall the use of “durum” pasta.
Pasta from durum wheat is fully digested and cleanse the body of toxins, as they contain fiber and b vitamins (increase stress tolerance), vitamin E (prevents aging), the amino acid tryptophan (promotes calm and deep sleep), complex carbohydrates (not raise the blood sugar level) and vegetable protein (15% daily value). This is a useful product does not contain and grams of fat, so the misconception that “pasta makes you fat” is totally unacceptable. Calorie pasta add fatty sauces, cheese, butter and other foods that most fans are used to eat pasta, even a solid varieties. However, if you come to cooking a favorite product of pasta – that’s right, the caloric content can be reduced to “null”.
“Pasta Letta” – not just “right”, but interesting pasta. Packing “Pasta Letta” cardboard. Designed in a stylish, European design. The deep blue color of the packaging and some elements of the design directly related product to expensive segment. In comparison with other Italian pasta that consumers see on store shelves in plastic packaging, “Letta Pasta” stands out on the shelves proudly standing on the cardboard packaging, which, for all its advantages, is convenient to store at home.
The presence of a transparent “window” will allow the user to see the products inside the box.  After opening packs, the valve at the top of the packaging allows to close the pack for future storage.
“Pasta Letta” – Ukrainian product at affordable price with the premium quality of the product. Refers to the average price segment tverdostup pasta in visualization and positioning of products of the high segment.
On the back of a blue pack, originally highlighted white page with recipes that will be interested as gourmets and Amateurs.
Pasta “Pasta Letta” information literate, active people with a lively “Italian” character:
– for those who know a lot about these pasta: to the smartest, most knowledgeable, versed in all;
– for gourmet, ready to experiment in cooking various dishes in advance confident of a perfect end result.