Pasta La Pasta


La Pasta  is a durum wheat pasta, which has absorbed the most valuable years of experience creating the most delicious and high quality pastas. The name La Pasta closely associated with Italy, as Pasta in Italian means “pasta”.
One of the secrets of TM La Pasta – unique raw material – durum wheat (durum), which in Ukraine is not grown, because the wheat needed special conditions and climate. A distinctive feature of products manufactured from durum wheat is healthy and high quality products.

What are the unique properties of the wheat, or as it is also called DURUM?! Unlike durum wheat, in protein structure: protein hard wheat for splitting enough of the boiling point of water, and the protein soft wheat is absorbed in the body only after high temperature processing (over 180 degrees). Therefore, pasta from durum wheat do not boil soft and does not stick together.

Also, pasta from durum wheat contains more vegetable protein, no fat, carbs – complex, which means they break down slower in the body and not deposited in problem areas. Because of all these positive qualities of pasta from durum recommended as diet food. In addition, they include vitamins of group B.
Italian nutritionists say that the secret of thin thallium lies in their passion for a favorite pasta. They eat pasta, prepared with a dough of durum wheat. And it’s true! Due to the high concentration of complex carbohydrates and high fiber content of the pasta really facilitate metabolism and maintaining optimum weight. Because these substances reduce the level of  “bad” cholesterol in the blood, which is very important for anyone who wants to part with excess weight.