Decorate Christmas Gingerbread



Royal icing is used to create a fishnet confectionery lace, patterns on the products. Due to its plasticity it is possible even to mold figures.

For the frosting we need

  • egg white – 1 pc,
  • confectioners sugar – 100-250g
  • lemon juice – 0,5-1 ts.

Easily beat with a fork protein. Turn the mixer on a slow speed portions and add the powdered sugar each time rubbing the sugar with proteins until smooth. In the end add lemon juice. Lemon juice needed for the glaze was plastic. Put in a pastry bag or a package and decorate our products. Products can be dried in an oven at 100C.


For the frosting we need

  • water – 1 cup,
  • powdered sugar – 1 cup

The water is heated, add sugar and bring to a boil. Remove the foam until, while on the surface of the syrup will begin to appear bubbles of large size. Remove from heat, cool, add the dyes (food or made their own) or flavorings (vanilla, rum). apply the glaze warm. To You everything was perfect, you can add water to gelatin.


Make gingerbread and frosting until it is frozen, sprinkle with colored sugar powder our cakes. As dyes for sugar use

  • spinach to get green,
  • beets to get the red,
  • turmeric to get yellow,
  • blueberries, currants, to get the blue.

For coloring powdered sugar sprinkle of pure sugar in a container, add a few drops of the dye and shake. So do until then, until the sugar has reached the desired shade..

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