About Rodnoy Product

The company ≪Rodnoy product is part of a major national Association of commercial and industrial enterprises  the Ukrainian Food Company ≪UFC≫Group . This Association also includes company ≪Aquafrost≫ (TM ≪Vodnyj-mir≫).

Founded in 1998, the company ≪Rodnoy product≫ is one of the three tops of the Ukrainian market among consumer goods manufacturers. In the period of formation and development of its activities was to packaging cereals, sugar and flour. To date, the company ≪Rodnoy product≫ has four manufacturing units:
— two production site full cycle of processing of grain crops:

— two sets for packing flour, sugar, cereals of own production and other products of grocery directions.

In 2016 open areas for packaging new products of the company: dry mixes, salt and spices.

Special attention is paid to quality control of products. Department of technical quality control is equipped with its own laboratory with the latest technology, which carries out a tripartite quality control – quality control of received raw materials, monitoring production process and finished products control.
The company ≪Rodnoy product≫ has set for itself a more stringent framework for manufactured products than expected state standards of Ukraine. The company has implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system, at the stage of development and implementation of the safety management system of HACCP.
All products ≪Rodnoy product is certified and is periodically tested in external independent laboratories quality and security that allows you to declare a consistently high level of product.

The product range is represented by its own trademarks:
Khutorok≫, ≪Khutorok Pansky≫, ≪Zolotyj vrozhai≫, ≪La Pasta per primi≫, ≪Pasta Letta≫, ≪Kitto≫.

These brands has the status of national brands, which are represented on the territory of Ukraine and occupy leading positions in the minds of consumers through active marketing of the company’s position in the market.

≪Rodnoy product≫ is 6 recognizable brands, more than 200 kinds of products, the staff is committed to expert  and a clear vector for the development of production, the search for innovation and entering new product segments.