Products for Sushi making

Products for Sushi making
Today, Japanese cuisine has become the most widespread throughout the world. This fame is largely explained by the
truly philosophical attitude of the Japanese to food in general – the food products must be healthy.
Sushi is the most popular dish of Japanese cuisine, which has received the well-deserved recognition throughout the
world since the early 1980s. Traditional products for cooking are rice, all kinds of fillings for sushi and rolls, soy sauce
and pickled ginger.
Since the beginning of 2017 the Company “Podnoy Product” introduces to the Ukrainian market a new trademark
“Kitto”, presenting the main products that are ideally suited not only for serving to sushi and rolls, but also used in the
preparation of almost all dishes. Kitto [kito] translated from Japanese means “of course, perfectly”. And like everything
perfect, the basis for positioning of a new trademark is the impeccable quality of products being released and their
Classical Soy Sauce of TM “ KittO” is an ideal seasoning to meat and vegetables dishes. It is an excellent addition to side dishes and salads. It is also ideal to be served with sushi and rolls. And it is recommended for frying, stewing and pickling.
Pickled ginger root is a traditional seasoning for many dishes. And in every dish ginger plays its own part; this spice adds new flavor
to any food. Pickled ginger is served to rolls as the original spice, which fulfills the important role. Ginger leaves a fresh burning taste in the mouth, completely releasing the rece ptors of the tongue from the notes of the previous food, therefore, a new kind of rolls or sushi is perceived as brightl y as the first portion of this original dish. Pickled ginger root of TM “KittO” will help not only to prevent injection with parasit es and bacteria that can be contained in raw fish, it will also allow to easily and quickly digest food, improve t he secretion of the stomach, and with constant use, it will reliably help to level the amount of cholesterol in the blood down.
Rice of TM “KittO” is universal and suitable for cooking just as dishes with seafood, meat and vegetables, so pilafs, side dishes and desserts. For Japanese cuisine, rice varieties such as “Camolino” are preferred. It is boiled soft best of all and has a special stickiness. This sort of rice is more solid, swells by almost 2,5 times whe n cooking and becomes sticky, but preserves the structure. The rice “Camolino” is processed according to the special techn ology and indispensable in the preparation of sushi.