Durum Wheat Flour La Pasta

Durum Wheat Flour

Flour from durum wheat is considered to be very healthy and nutritious for our body due to the following properties: contains more protein (15%) and dietary fiber (cellulose 19%)compared to wheat flour. Therefore flour products from simoly cleanse the bowels, strengthen the heart, and are also used in sports and clinical nutrition;

  1. is the source of “complex” carbohydrates that are slowly digested and absorbed by the body, thereby leaving a long feeling of satiety;

2. semola is rich in a lot of minerals, mineral salts and vitamins;

3. carotene (provitamin A) contained in a “hard” flour lends baked goods an attractive amber-yellow;

4. the dish has a strong taste and rich aroma;

5. the dough from “durum” flour is particularly excellent elasticity and consistency.

Semola is suitable for almost any kind of dough and baking. Generally, flour from durum wheat is added to wheat flour in an amount of 30 – 50%, enriching it with protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Pure semola is used for cooking pasta, home-made noodles and pizza.

                                                                    Recommendations for the use of durum flour​

Dish The ratio of durum flour (T) and flour (M) in recipes Advantages
Т-100% Т-100% МТ-70/30%
Pasta, homemade noodles Х Х Pasta and pizza base is rolled out easier, the dough has a nice elasticity
Pizza Х Х
Dumplings Х The addition in the dough of flour from durum wheat products do not stick together during freezing / thawing, the product is easily formed, when cooking, do not boil soft
Pancakes Х Х Favorite, crepes and pancakes can now be made more useful
Biscuit Х Х Baking has a rich taste and aroma, nice lemon color. The dough retains its elasticity and does not fall
Bread, muffin Х Bread baked from flour from durum wheat, has a special texture to the crumb, more Golden hue that is associated with a high content of carotenoids that contribute to the long preservation bread and a crisp and clean wheat flavor