Bakery Premixes Khutorok


Premixes are the most real salvation for those housewives, who constantly complain about the lack of time. With the help of such
mixes it is possible to prepare excellent dough for every taste without much effort and time.
Producing Premixes for thin and thick pancakes “Khutorok” only natural ingredients are used (such as high-grade flour, milk
powder, egg powder, sugar, salt, soda, so in brief everything that we use in home cooking). The cost of TM “Khutorok” Premixes
are equivalent to the cost of purchasing original ingredients (milk, eggs, sugar, etc.), no more expensive. And the speed of cooking
bake (dough kneading) is twice as fast. The recipe for your favorite homemade bake is simple: just add water, stir and bake.
Essential time economy and amazing result are the main advantages of new age Premixes from TM “Khutorok”.